Thank You!

Because we can Thank You we do! Thanks to all military members past and present. Even if you feel your job was insignificant or you weren’t in that long to make a difference, we thank you. Every job matters and every person matters. Especially if you had a bad a-- job and the world will never know what you did during your service, we thank you. We thank ALL branches of the military. No matter how much banter you received by other branches, we need all branches of the military. Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Marines you all play an important part in the big picture. The Guard and Reserve are also an important part of our military and much needed.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all those who paid the ultimate price and will not return to their loved ones. Which leads us to thank the Gold Star Families for many sacrifices we wish we didn’t have to. We also thank the numerous POWs and their families for their many sacrifices and those that are still MIA. Without the hard work of all of those listed above, we would not have the freedoms we have today and our amazing melting pot of people in this country. To the families who have endured countless sacrifices as your loved one has served, we appreciate everything you have gone through. THANK YOU TO ALL!!!


My hope is that we can all get along with each other regardless of what branch you serve in, whether you are full time or part time, whether you are a different race or a different gender from the majority of those you serve with. We hope this can carry over to the civilian population as well as the military. 

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