1. Who do you send cookies to?   U.S. military members currently serving at deployed locations overseas.

2. Can I send you the name and address of someone overseas to send cookies to? Absolutely! You can email us a request to send cookies to a specific troop or troops and we will send along a note in the box that it came from you, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.  Once we receive the request, we will let you know if we can immediately fulfill your request or if we are overwhelmed at the time and cannot meet your request immediately. Reasons we cannot meet your request right away would be that we are on a 6-month all expenses paid vacation to Afghanistan at that time or have too many requests ahead of yours and it may take a while. We are not a large cookie company and do not have robots working for us even though we feel like robots sometimes.  We would ask for a donation from you to help cover costs if you can. If you cannot donate at the time of your request, no problem, we understand and will still honor your requested cookies.  Click here to contact us with a military member's name and address. 

3. Do you only ship to those who are deployed overseas? Yes. While we do appreciate ALL of our military members, at this time we are making those who are deployed a priority. 

4. How much is a typical donation? It costs us approximately $30 to ship a box of cookies overseas. This $30 covers the cost of ingredients, packaging and shipping. A typical box contains about 50 cookies. It is completely up to you how much you would like to donate, we will accept any amount. Click here to donate on our website or you can send a check or money order to Combat Cookies PO Box 222 Dayton, IN 47941.

5. Do you bake everything yourself? Yes, we personally make every single cookie that we send out. We do have a team of volunteers to help us and as a team in a sanitary kitchen inspected by our county Department of Health.