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K9 Cookie
Made for our favorite 4 legged friends

k9 watermark

Lyaka Waiting for her Command

K9 dough

Marking the Territory

K9 Oven


K9 Cookie

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K9 Approval


Dogs have been a huge integrated part of military service and therefore we must pay tribute to them. What better way to do that than send along some dog treats to our hard working canines? If you know of any deployed canines please let us know so we can be sure to send them and their handlers an all natural treat. After all, canines are treated as part of the team just like their human counterparts. 

Now for a quick military story. Acronyms are abundant throughout the military and can become very overwhelming, especially when you are new. When new troops come into our shop, it is customary to play a few jokes on them. One of the jokes is to send them from shop to shop looking for "K9P" (also known as Canine Pee). Of course everyone knows the drill and the newbie is sent from one shop to another to another to another until they finally figured out we were playing a joke on them or someone lets them in on the joke. With the current and upcoming military I am unsure if this is technically considered hazing but nonetheless it makes for a great laugh. While we will not be putting any sort of Canine Pee in our treats, we will be mixing up a batch of all natural dog treats for our favorite hard working 4-legged friends. We appreciate their hard work as well as their handler. 

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