Cody Cookie

Cody Putman

The Cody Cookie is the most special cookie we make. This cookie is named after Cpl Cody Putman who was killed in action in Iraq on April 12, 2007. Cody was a family friend. We give tribute to him and his family for the ultimate sacrifice. Please think of Cody as you are enjoying this cookie. His mother told us that Oreo was Cody's favorite cookie so we infused crushed Oreos into a chocolate chip cookie base. 


We would also like to take the time to mention Cody’s mother, Pam. Pam is an amazing woman who defines the word Selfless. After Cody passed, Pam decided she wanted to do something to honor her son. She wanted to give back. She was the President of her local Honor Flight from 2012-2018. Honor Flight flies WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans from a selected area near their home to Washington DC to visit their respective war memorials. We have had the honor of participating in an Honor Flight alongside Pam and her amazing team of people. Each trip appears to run seamless and Pam is a huge part of this. From countless fundraisers to coordinating every behind the scene part of the flight, Pam was there. The selfless sacrifices that she made daily to ensure thousands of veterans were able to make the once in a lifetime trip possible is an inspiration to us to keep Combat Cookies going and especially to dedicate this cookie to Cody. 

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