Each of our cookies has been given a unique name as well as a story. Click on a cookie photo to read about it. 

Military grade cookies. What makes an item military grade? If you have ever been in the military, you should not be impressed with that term as a lot of the items used in the military fall apart sooner than we would like...or maybe it’s because we tear them up too soon. So why would we want to make military grade cookies after that explanation? Are our cookies going to explode upon impact or taste like the bottom of a combat boot? No. But it did catch your attention.

We bake 6 different types of cookies and send to Americans who are protecting us right now. The cookies might or might not be military grade but we hope it will taste better than the MREs or chow hall food they are currently eating (although I have had some pretty descent chow hall food, to include unlimited Haagen Daz ice cream). The majority of our cookie recipes are borrowed from other people or companies. Sometimes, you just can’t beat perfection. We also make sure to label our shipped cookies that contain peanuts because the last thing we need is a troop who is too swollen to perform their job. 

MOAB M&M, military, nonprofit, cookie, homemade
Mad Dog Mint chip, military, nonprofit, cookie, homemade
Mad Dog Mint Chip
Suck it up Buttercup, military, nonprofit, cookie, homemade
Suck it up Buttercup
never forgotten double chocolate, military, nonprofit, cookie, homemade
Never Forgotten Double Chocolate
Cody Cookie
Cody Cookie, military, nonprofit, cookie, oreo, homemade
Sniperdoodle, military, nonprofit, cookie, homemade

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