Who are we and why are we doing this?

My name is Brandi, my husband and I have over 27 years of military experience combined in the U.S. Air Force. We have both been on deployments (never together) and know what it is like to sacrifice time away from our families, miss holidays and other important occasions due to the priority of the mission. It is part of our lives and we have come to understand that we have to make sacrifices for the mission so we “suck it up” just like the majority of military members.


We made the decision to start this cookie adventure in our lives because we remember what it was like being deployed overseas. I remember being one of the fortunate ones who received some type of mail almost every single day from my family and friends. I remember my military friends giving me a hard time because they couldn’t believe people wanted to send me things that often (they were haters). My mom would send me the local newspaper (back when newspapers were popular) on a weekly basis. The paper was from our small town where the most striking crime of the day was a neighbor’s dog barking too much. While it was not that exciting to read, it was still nice to have something from home. One of my most memorable pieces of mail is when my sister would send me a letter about once a week with a funny story of something that her 6 year old son would say. Kids always say the funniest thing and she would capture it in writing and send it off to me to keep me laughing. When I would get mail from anyone, I was so grateful. I was grateful that someone cared enough to send me a gift (even if it was just a letter or card). I looked forward to the mail every single day. My military friends looked forward to the mail when I would receive a large box because they knew I would share the contents with them. With this being said, my husband and I thought how great it would be if we could be a part of the sending end rather than the receiving end. I love to bake cakes and cupcakes but the thought of  icing smeared on a box lid accompanied by cake crumbs didn’t sound appealing. Therefore, the cookie idea was born. We are happy to give to our brothers and sisters in arms overseas as they are making sacrifices thousands of miles away from their families and friends in exchange for keeping us safe. It’s not always an easy task but someone has to do it and we are proud to be a part of the small percentage who serve and proud to be supporters as well.

About Our Storefront

Our mission is absolutely free for those requesting Combat Cookies to be shipped overseas and for our deployed military members receiving our cookies. In order to pay for this mission, we have opened our storefront at 294 Market St, Dayton, IN on most Saturdays from 10-2 where we have fresh baked cookies and cupcakes available to the public in exchange for a donation.  Since we are an all volunteer group, we do our best to work around our own schedules but sometimes we are not able to be open on Saturdays. Please check our Facebook Events page for our upcoming open dates.