If you support our military and support delicious cookies, feel free to donate here. Cookies Lives Matter! You have our guaranteed promise that ALL money donated will go directly  to support Combat Cookies. We are not military recruiters so you can trust the words we say. We will not promise you the job of your dreams or that you will love going through boot camp if you donate to us. Instead, we will promise that all funds will be used to operate Combat Cookies.

Donations will cover ingredients, packing materials, advertising and shipping costs. We will never pocket the donations. Donations are not ours to keep, otherwise we would be asking for you to “send us a paycheck” instead of asking you to “send us a donation.” That’s all. Super simple, just like pulling the pin on a grenade and throwing it at the enemy (just don’t let it land in a water puddle). 

By clicking the Donate button above, you will be redirected to a separate secure website which allows you to do donate using credit card or Paypal. 
You may also donate with a check or money order and send to:
Combat Cookies
PO Box 6403
Lafayette, IN 47903

Our Donors

We would like to thank our donors for their gracious support.

Thank you for playing a key role in supporting our mission! 

Honorable Donor Recognition

Kelly Burnett

Nan Burns

Christopher & Christine Johnson

Marcus Martinis

Larry and Pam Mow

Sheila Mow

Tim Sell

Simi and Tyson

Patty Williams

Jennifer Vandergraff

Top Donors

Jasper Newton Foundation​

Wabash National Corporation, Lafayette, IN

Twin Lakes aKtion Club, Monticello, IN

American Legion Post #81 Monticello, IN

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

​Mail us: 

PO BOX 6403 Lafayette, IN 47903

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