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Never Forget
Double Chocolate

Available in store, on rotation, only

*NOTE: This cookie flavor is not available for special orders.

Please visit our Special Order page for other flavor options.

Never Forgotten Chocolate Chip

We will never forget our men and women who have left to defend our country and never returned. Some never returned, have never been accounted for and have never been heard from again. Some were and are prisoners of war, POW, and face daily torture beyond belief. 

Veterans are trained to conduct themselves in a certain manner (conduct after capture) necessary on how to survive after becoming a POW and falling into the hands of an enemy. Although the training is necessary, I cannot imagine it can compare to the physical, mental and psychological torture endured by those in actual captivity.


There are thousands of POWs and MIAs, missing in action, still out there and haven’t returned home to the United States. Until they all come home. Until they all are accounted for. Until they all return with honor. They will NEVER be forgotten.

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