Someone call EOD, we have an explosive ordinance issue here! Ahh...turd cookies. Good old fashioned classic turd cookies. I once had a job on a college campus where I did a little work and played a LOT of pranks. I really don’t know how I was able to keep my job after everything I did. It was to the point where something “odd” would happen and I was immediately blamed for it even though I had no knowledge of the event. Probably one of my favorite pranks was the time I sent a severed toe through campus mail. It was a plastic toe that the IT guy had in his desk drawer. He knew I was the perfect person to re-gift this little prize. I squirted some ketchup on it then carefully wrapped it up in a Kleenex and sent it to my friend through campus mail. A day later, I received a phone call from a slightly hysterical friend asking if I had played the prank. I denied it at first but she said she was going to call the police because she was afraid. I fessed up and believe it or not, we are still friends.  


I personally believe harmless pranks bring a lot of laughs and can help lighten the mood when you are looking at the same people and the same places day after day during a deployment. So we thought these cookies would be a great way to spread some joy and hopefully create some harmless pranks.