Helpful Hints for Sending Your Own Cookies

In the event you are thinking of baking your own cookies and sending them yourself, we have some helpful baking hints for you. Probably one of the tips we can give you is that you should not be baking while carrying live ammo. This is very dangerous and can create more issues than it’s worth. Safety first. Of course you can have your weapon of choice at arms length in the event of a break in as I am sure those passing by will be envious of the amazing smell coming from your house and try to break in just to steal your cookies but be smart. Live ammo and a hot oven is not a good combination (yes we know the likelihood of ammo actually exploding in a 350 degree oven is  almost impossible, please do not write us with a scientific explanation, it was a joke).


  • Use a cookie scoop to keep all of your cookies uniform so they will bake evenly

  • Rotate your cookie sheet half way through baking

  • If you plan to send chocolate cookies or anything that melts during the summer months, be sure to send spoons too because they will need to shovel it out of the bag after it melts. We would recommend choosing a cookie that is not going to melt in the hot temps

  • If you are shipping your cookies to friends or family , pack them with more care than your government issued green duffel bag. Some of the materials used for cushion can be bubble wrap, plastic bags or packing paper. We chose to use packing paper in all of our boxes because we care about our planet.

  • Also take note that it is  completely unacceptable to recreate these recipes and send them to ISIS or any other anti-US Govt organization.